Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Rhode Island?

Can You Smoke Weed in Rhode Island?

Yes. Rhode Island allows eligible patients approved for medical marijuana and adults intending to use cannabis recreationally to consume weed by smoking and vaporization. The state allows all forms of smokable weed including marijuana flower and leaves.

Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island permits smoking weed everywhere smoking cigarettes is permitted. However, the Rhode Island Cannabis Act allows cities and towns to pass ordinances banning or restricting smoking or vaporizing weed in public spaces. The state’s marijuana law expressly bans vaporizing or smoking marijuana:

  • In school buses or other forms of public transportation
  • On school grounds
  • In correctional facilities
  • In licensed drug treatment facilities
  • Anywhere smoking or vaporizing of tobacco is prohibited by federal or state law or by local ordinance
  • Where exposure to weed smoke significantly adversely affects the health, safety, or welfare of children

Can You Smoke Weed in a Vehicle in Rhode Island?

The state’s Cannabis Act does not permit smoking weed while operating a motor vehicle, a motorboat, or an aircraft. However, the law states that a driver cannot be charged with DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants) just because they have detectable levels of cannabis metabolites in their system. It is legal to smoke weed in a stationary vehicle in Rhode Island as long as doing this does not conflict with state law or local ordinances prohibiting the consumption of weed in public places. When transporting the allowable amount of weed in a vehicle, Rhode Island marijuana law requires that you keep it in its original packaging as bought at the dispensary.

Who Can Smoke Marijuana in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island does not have a specific age restriction for smoking weed. This means that adults, aged 21 or older, can smoke recreational marijuana. Similarly, anyone approved for medical marijuana can consume weed by smoking or vaporizing it.

Where Can You Legally Smoke Weed in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island residents can smoke weed anywhere it is permissible to smoke cigarettes. Such places include private residences. However, renters must check their lease agreements to confirm that smoking weed is allowed by the landlords. While smoking weed in certain public areas is permitted, it is prohibited on school grounds, public parks, and other public spaces in municipalities where local ordinances ban the act. Employers in Rhode Island reserve the right to ban smoking at workplaces. However, there are cannabis and vape lounges in Rhode Island with designated areas for smoking weed.

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